Our new series: Avoiding the mess of the #MondayBlues

Our new series: Avoiding the mess of the #MondayBlues

Most of us can easily describe the scene: It’s 7 am, Monday morning and the alarm clock begins to ring. After the last acceptable, “hit snooze”, we reach for our phones to check email. In today’s around the clock media market there may already be some “to dos” waiting for us. These come in addition to all the loose ends still needing to be tied up from the week before. We may feel a few pangs of anxiety or a bit overwhelmed.

The above scenario is the precursor to what we have come to define as the hashtag #MondayBlues on Twitter and other social media channels. An idiom, meaning the doldrums we may find ourselves in, trying to get back into the swing of professional things and usually characterized by a need to plan and organize the week’s work load.

Each Monday, Bas Bleu will present tips on how to avoid becoming blue when faced with this challenged.

Today’s tip: Lists are a lady’s or gentleman’s best friend.

It sounds simple, but the effects of using lists to your advantage are complex. First and foremost it forces you to take a quiet time out and thoughtfully collect yourself. It’s a more creative way of “taking a breather” and one that won’t have you looking like a slacker as superiors and co-workers busily circulate past your office space.

Secondly, its multi-sensory. It’s tactile and visual. says that, “Using multiple senses allows more cognitive connections and associations to be made with a concept.” Meaning the information is more accessible to you, “as there are more ways the information can be triggered and retrieved” from your brain’s cognitive learning centers.

Lists also provide an ongoing sense of immediate gratification and accomplishment. Each time you finish one of the tasks on your list you can hack a big fat black line through it. That feels good!

Lastly, it allows you to prioritize, which is of the utmost importance. Many times our sense of becoming overwhelmed by the work on our plate is triggered by a feeling of not knowing where to begin. When you take a few moments and list out all of the tasks you need to accomplish that week you should find yourself naturally organizing things into categories of high importance to low importance. You will now understand where to begin, sometimes the biggest challenge.

Now say, “Phew” and get going on your lists. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

If you are a communications professional with some great tips for avoiding the #MondayBlues, send us an email and we can discuss opportunities to become a contributor.






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