Avoiding the mess of the #MondayBlues: prioritization

Avoiding the mess of the #MondayBlues: prioritization

Continuing on with our new series aimed at helping you move past the malaise of Monday mornings, today’s tip is: Learn to prioritize properly.

Last week we advised you to create lists to help you feel more in control of all the tasks you must complete in the week ahead. An important part of maximizing the usefulness of these lists is prioritizing them properly. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

  • Consider to whom each deliverable will be delivered: If for example, you have four social media content schedules to complete by Friday–you need to consider which clients respond with the most swiftness to your approval requests. Try to get the documents requiring approval from the slowest clients out the door first.
  • Consider the amount of research associated with each task on the list: Certain clients are just more complicated. This can be related to the technical aspects of their products or the sophistication of their audiences. You should start on projects requiring the most research or use of the most sophisticated language first.
  • Consider the phase of each project: If you have several different writing assignments, consider the phase in the client cycle to which each belongs. For example, if your agency just signed a new brand and you need to draft their key messages. You know for certain a document like key messages has to be completed before anything else can be done for them. This should easily be considered one of your first tasks that week.
  • Check in with your team regularly: Regular check-ins with everyone else collaborating on your teams helps you to be sure you are prioritizing in sync with the larger goals for each client as well as the agency. Consistent communication is the key to every success, especially in creative industries.
  • Save the best for last: Make the tasks you least like completing higher on the priority list. Save what you love as a reward for later in the week when you have less energy and you need the enthusiasm of doing what you love to help get you through it.

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